I'm Emile, a kiwi illustrator and animator living in Japan

Before becoming a freelance illustrator, I studied and worked as a graphic designer. Before living in Japan, I lived in the U.K. My main inspiration lately has been nostalgia and I'm currently exploring the concept of anemoia (nostalgia for something that doesn't exist.) 

I love a good brief creating characters and isometric scenes. Drawing food and cars. Working on great ad campaigns and illustrating for beer cans and magazines. I sometimes animate too. 

If you'd like to work together, then please get in touch! If you want to sign up to my tiny newsletter (just some illustration updates a couple of times a year) you can do so on my pencilbooth.

Thanks for looking.

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Massey大学卒業 名誉学士

オークランド及びロンドンでデザイナーとして活動した後イラストレーターに転身。 これまでのクライアントはAppleやバンク・オブ・アメリカ、ハーバード大学出版局、The Sunday times紙など。

Select clients

Apple, BBC, Bank of America, British Airways, Cole Haan, The Economist, Wired Italia, Guardian/Observer, HBR, IBM, New York Times T-Brand, New Scientist, RedBull, Seamless, Sunday Times.

Recent Awards and Press

2022: Dribbble Playoff winner for Pitch App
2022: Gold ‘Best Can Design 16-20oz’ Crushie
2022: Graphis Silver
2020: Adobe write-up
2020: Judging panel for 3x3 Illustration awards
2020: GDUSA Winner
2020: The One Club Shortlist
2019: AI-AP Awards
2019: Digital Arts Write-up