• Emile - 1 farmer designs pencil

    Farmer head concepts

  • Emile - female options

    Farmer: Female route variations

  • Emile - color options

    Farmer colour options

  • Emile - storyboard farmer

    Farmer storyboard

  • Emile - compare texture@2x

    Textures were added in post to give the animation a more 'organic' feel. The framerate, set up at 24fps was posterized to 12fps to give a more hand-drawn finish.

  • Originally the farmer was a bit sneakier and bouncier, but edited to fit the V/O

  • Originally the cotton boll was to be spinning and morph into a rotating earth. Deemed too complex, I still want to show it, as it took a while to animate!

Cotton Snapchat Ads

A series of three six second social ads for Cotton on Snapchat and Buzzfeed. 

I was asked by DDB NY to illustrate and animate ads for Cotton based on a supplied script and concept. With a series of bank holidays and tight deadline, the job was turned around in about 10 days. 

Client: Cotton
Agency: DDB
Art Director:Candice Shlax
Timeframe: 10 Days