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Dudley Benson: Matariki

Music video for and co-directed with; Dudley Benson, for his song 'Matariki.' 

The process for this was pretty fluid, relying less on planning, and more on natural development of ideas. However, early on I had a [different] idea, directly related to the philosophy of phenomenology, which was the basis of some decisions. I was interested existence of 'someone' based on their absence. This comes through, with the use of artefacts to represent ancestors. 

Paired with that, was cross sections of 'land' - inspired by Dudley's ties to New Zealand, and the production of the song (where he used rocks and minerals to create sounds).

Along with guidance from the lyrics, the video came together to its current form. Part visual exploration, part literal. Being quite a long song, I regret the lack of planning, as it resulted in a lot of reworking scenes.

I also dealt with all the keying, syncing and grading for this one.