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    16oz cans rolled out 2021, with the addition of Yabai Tanuki Hazy IPA

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    Yuki-Onna [雪女], whose name literally means “snow woman,” is a legendary being in Japan that is believed to appear only during snowy weather;
    and the more stormy the weather, the more she’s expected to be out in it. Tales tell how she hunts for humans to freeze

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    The yamabiko (山彦) is a mountain god, spirit, and yōkai in Japanese folklore. Resembling something crossed between a dog and a monkey, literally translated, “yamabiko” means “echo.”

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New Hokkaido Beer

I was asked by Sally Morrow Creative to illustrate three beer cans for a newly established beer: New Hokkaido (or Shin Hokkaido). 

Based on Japanese folk lore (ghosts called Yokai), for these three cans they wanted Yukki Onna (Snow woman), Yamabiko (Mountain spirit), and Kodama (Tree phantom). Each can references Hokkaido landscape, nature and Ainu native culture.

Each illustration tiles at 360°, and is limited to 6 spot colours.