• Emile - Outside in_exhib2

    Gaijin, 2018

  • Emile - Outside in_exhib5

    No Bread, No Life, 2018

  • Emile - Outside in_exhib3

    Kimbono, 2018

  • Emile - Outside in_exhib6

    Shoin Jinja Life, 2018

  • Emile - Outside in_exhib4

    Modern Tradition

  • Emile - Outside in_exhib7

    [Re] View of Shoin Jinja Shrine, 2018

Outside In

I was invited by BY&BY, Tokyo to exhibit work in their cafe/bar. Agreeing to showcase a bespoke project, the brief was to celebrate the surrounding area of Shoin Jinja shrine, where BY&BY is located. 

The result is a series of works collectively titled "Outside in". As a foreigner staying in Tokyo, I chose to metaphorically highlight some of  Japan's eccentricities, referencing locations around Shoin Jinja.

Some of the ideas conveyed relate to modernity juxtaposed with tradition, the structure of Japanese society, pop culture, technology and lastly the idea of being gaikokujin (outsider) observing Japanese life.

The exhibition is running for the month of July '18 at BY&BY in Setagaya, Tokyo.