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For their 10th birthday, Shortlist magazine teamed up with Game to celebrate the best games of the last decade. I was asked to reinterpret Zelda in a pop-culture crossover. The illstrations were featured in the magazine and also a little Shindig took place to celebrate the birthday, where A0 prints adorned the walls.

 I couldn't put it better than Shortlist's Joe Ellison:

Zelda Breath of the Wild

Having played Zelda for over two decades, superfan BloodBros presents a satirically skewed take on the beloved game series, reimagining Link as a forlorn middle-management  office type in a dystopian world. The neat and simplistic stylings make this distorted kingdom of Hyrule feel even more grown up. Alongside the lampooning of Apple advertisements, the work contains numerous references to the game - not least the Sheikah Slate,. Introduced in 2017's Breath of the Wild, and standing in for a computer tablet, the artist says the Slate was the catalyst behind this consumerist twist.